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    Announcing: Caldera Park!

    We’re happy to announce our first SPIEL’22 Release!

    Welcome to the North American wilderness – Welcome to Caldera Park!

    This follow-up to Savannah Park takes things to the next level but is still as suitable for families as it is for advanced gaming groups!

    You run a national park and you want to unite its animals in the largest families possible. Make sure that they find watering holes and that they completely fill many types of terrain.

    But beware, unpredictable weather can drive animals away, and the other players may disrupt your plans, as they run their own parks and have a say in where certain species must go.

    Place your animals cleverly, carefully considering terrain and weather,and the best national park can be yours.

    The new game by famous designer duo Wolfgang Kramer & Michael Kiesling offers new challenges with great variety and easy rules. After an unhurried start you’ll come to experience an exciting new depth and a familiar yet new gaming sensation.

    Caldera Park will be the first game in our „In Nature“ line. More infos will be coming! It will be published in German and English with Pegasus Spiele.

    Caldera Park will be sold at SPIEL this year and will come to retail in November this year. The really important question: Who do you prefer? Merkat or Marmot?

    Find more infos here: