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    Introducting: Triqueta!

    We're happy to introduce you to our newest game: Triqueta!

    The set collection game by designers Ralf zur Linde and Stefan Dorra will be available soon and we can't wait for you to try it out!

    Triqueta is a set collection game for 2-5 players. Over four engaging rounds, players will draft animal tokens trying to form a set of three for each animal type. Three tokens of the same type form a triqueta.

    In each round, you and the other players draw animal tokens and place them in multiple rows. Find the perfect moment to grab your favorite row, or you might be stuck with one you do not want.

    At the end of the game, you score especially well for your triquetas. But be careful: For more than three tokens of the same type you will lose points instead.

    Triqueta will be in stores in early Q2 this year and first available in France (Gigamic) and Germany (Pegasus Spiele).

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