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      Your game with us

      We are always looking for new game ideas and would be happy to hear about yours. But before you send us your idea, please read our designer’s guide. It gives an overview of what we are looking for and how you can best present your idea to us. You can also download our author’s guide below as a pdf file.

      What are we looking for?

      We are looking for the following types of games:

      • Family games
      • Advanced games
      • Expert games

      with strong themes and/or exciting mechanisms. They should offer something unique or innovative.

      We are not interested in

      • Children’s Games
      • Learning Games
      • Roleplaying Games
      • Trivia Games
      • Electronic Games
      • Jigsaws
      • War Games and Cosims
      • Trading Card Games

      What is the best way to submit your game idea?

      In person:

      The best way for everyone is to show us the game in person at a trade show or event. Dates that you can meet us can be found under the dates overview on our website. Please make an appointment in advance.


      However, not everyone can appear in person at these events. And in times of Covid we also do things differently. For example, Designer Days take place online a lot these days. You can also find dates in our dates overview.

      In writing:

      You can also submit your idea via the form at the bottom of this website. There are quite a few infos requested, please only send in your game idea if you can answer all of the requested questions so we can give you proper feedback.

      Please do not send us your prototype unrequested!

      What should your prototype look like?

      Your prototype does not have to be professionally illustrated or even a “finished“ product. It is much more important for us that your game idea has been sufficiently tested and that the feedback received during those tests has been acted upon. The most critical point is often the rulebook. We have to be able to learn and play the game from it, and discover what makes the game special. So the rulebook must also be well tested. A good way to do this is to see if a test group can easily figure out how to play from the rulebook, without any help from you.

      Submit game idea online