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    Lumicora arrived + Civolution News!
    Toy Fair, Civolution Update, CONSpiracy
    A look back on the past year and a look into the near future! (Happy Holidays everyone!)
    Everything SPIEL, Civolution and 5 Towers!
    16. August 2023
    Introducing: Moorland
    Time to show you our biggest Essen release and save the Moors!
    14. July 2023
    Welcome to the Match of the Century
    Time to properly announce our 2nd 2-player game! Welcome to the Match of the Century!
    1. February 2023
    Introducting: Triqueta!
    We're happy to introduce you to our newest game: Triqueta!
    13. September 2022
    New game announcement – Beer & Bread!
    Our new game Beer & Bread is the first game in our 2-player-series. Which village will brew the best beer and bake the best bread?
    3. August 2022
    Announcing: Caldera Park!
    Announcing our new game: Caldera Park!
    8. April 2022
    Announcing: Skymines
    Fly to the moon with us!
    19. November 2021
    Juicy Fruits wins quality seal of intergenerational games
    We are happy excited about this award presented by Spielecafé der Generationen - Jung und Alt spielt e.V. ( The award committee honors game designer Christian Stöhr for creating a refreshing board game which offers cross-generational entertainment.
    4. October 2021
    BGG contest for Corrosion and Savannah Park
    Contest time! We prepare to welcome you at SPIEL (hall 1 E-114) with our hotness to celebrate board games with you. A wonderful occasion for an exciting giveaway surprise for your gaming tables!
    1. October 2021
    Powerful machines in an old-time factory
    In the midst of rattling engines you step into your boots, take a wrench and dive into steam-filled air to run your own successful machine business in Corrosion.
    3. September 2021
    Deep Print Games at Berlin Brettspiel Con
    Time to meet friends! We are very pleased to welcome you as an exhibitor at this charming board game convention. Feel invited to meet us and the community live at our booth 7-B-9. Surprise - we have a cool game designer and newest games on board!