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    As the morning sun tentatively rises above the high moor, its light filters through the remaining mist. The ground beneath the
    swaying, ancient trees is a haven for specialized animals and plants, making this an important place for our environment.
    Bring life to your own little moor by populating it with various plants and animals.
    Form a clever network of waterways to “drift” your plant markers to the right places. Only then can you play the most rewarding
    cards into your moor and create a better ecosystem than your opponents.
    By purchasing this game, you support environmental protection projects around the globe.

    Ages 10+
    Players 2-4
    Playing Time 45-60 Minutes
    Format 24,5 x 24,5cm
    Language EN, DE
    Release Date October 2023
    Game DesignSteffen Bogen
    ArtworkAnnika Heller
    Pegasus SpieleGermany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Luxembourg (DE)
    Pegasus of North AmericaUSA, Canada