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    Professor Rorschach wants you to decipher a mysterious test.

    Form two teams. Each round a player secretly pairs words with inkblot images.
    The others try to guess a pairing.
    Which team will pass the Rorschach test?

    Rorschach is an entertaining party game in which all depends on the right association and communication in your team. The game is named after the Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach and includes some of his famous inkblot images next to many exclusively created new ones. The real fascination lies in seeing how differently these images can be perceived — and in discussing and explaining the pairings afterwards.

    Ages 10+
    Players 4 - 10
    Playing Time 15 - 30 minutes
    Language DE, EN, JP
    Game DesignKristian Klooß
    ArtworkKristian Klooß


    Hobby JapanJapan