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    Fight crime together! Whisper to your team to share your clues and
    gather all the information. Then, cleverly combine them and draw the
    correct conclusions in this thrilling adventure composed of 8 individual
    cases woven into an overarching story.

    The reimplementation of Witness comes with a handy card set and 3 individual case-boxes:

    On the Trail of the Chameleon:
    A groundbreaking invention in
    the fight against climate change
    has caught the attention of spies
    and criminals worldwide, all
    intent on stealing its top-secret
    blueprints. Your mission is to
    thwart their efforts, and follow
    the trail of the “Chameleon”, your
    everlasting foe …

    The treasure of Othesis:
    A famous archaeologist is murdered.
    In his safe, you find clues to the
    priceless treasure of Othesis,
    buried deep in a lost temple.
    On your expedition through the
    deserts of Egypt, you encounter
    a gang of criminals – led by
    your eternal adversary,
    “The Chameleon"...

    The Sigma-Club:
    A university in Lugano, Switzerland,
    is suspected of being involved in
    criminal activities. When a student
    is murdered, your investigations
    lead you to Italy. Apparently,
    the Mafia is involved. And then
    suddenly events take a turn for
    the worse...

    Ages 10+
    Players 4
    Playing Time 10-25 Minutes
    Format 127x177mm
    Language EN, DE, ES
    Release Date July 2024
    Game DesignDominique Bodin
    ArtworkJochen Ewert
    Pegasus SpieleGermany, Austria, Switzerland, UK
    Pegasus of North AmericaUSA, Canada