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    The sounds of metal clattering and engines rattling warm your entrepreneurial heart in the steam- filled air. You manage an old-time factory and try to build up diversified scoring and production engines. Your greatest threat is time as corrosion is the enemy of your machines. Thus your task is to also produce rustproof chrome gears to build powerful chrome machines.
    Play your engineers cleverly to get new machines or engineers or turn your corrosion wheel to activate your machines. But have an eye on your older machines and gears as turning the wheel causes them to rust away. Discover countless temporary and long-lasting production combos to balance best in running your engines efficiently, to gain awards and outrival the other factory owners.
    Corrosion is a sublime temporary engine builder by game designer Stefan Bauer which features stunning atmospheric artwork by Dennis Lohausen. A challenging gameplay including a solo mode awaits advanced and expert players as you are confronted with clever strategic planning along profound player interaction. Varying start conditions invite you to explore new ways of scoring each time you play.

    Ages 12+
    Players 1 - 4
    Playing Time 60 - 120
    Format 29,5 x 29,5 x 7 cm
    Language EN, DE
    Release Date October 2021
    Game DesignStefan Bauer
    ArtworkDennis Lohausen