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    Welcome to the Climate Change Conference! As representatives of different countries you discuss some very unsettling studies which claim that the world is on the brink of environmental collapse. Surely you will do all that you can to save the planet, right? Absolutely... as long as you can ensure that your country’s wealth is preserved... along with that of the power brokers in the shadows... Once all studies have been reviewed, the country that best maintained its wealth wins. Beware though, if the impending damage to the planet becomes too severe, the conference fails immediately and the greediest country can’t be the winner. But you would never let that happen anyway... or would you?

    Kyoto is exciting, unusual and revealing. It plays like a political thriller, reaching too often the conclusion that money rules the world, and will eventually ruin it.

    Ages 10+
    Players 3 - 6
    Playing Time 30 - 45 minutes
    Language DE, EN, JP, KR
    Game DesignJohannes Krenner, Sabine Harrer
    ArtworkChristian Opperer