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    Introducing: Moorland

    Time for our biggest Essen Release: Moorland! As the morning sun tentatively rises above the high moor, its light filters through the remaining mist. The ground beneath the swaying, ancient trees is a haven for specialized animals and plants, making this an important place for our environment. Bring life to your own little moor by […]

    Welcome to the Match of the Century

    The second game in our 2 person series challenges you in a very chess-like way: In Match of the Century you take over the roles of Spassky and Fisher and fight for the victory in the most famous chess match in history. This tactical card gam captures the spirit of the famous chess match of […]

    Introducting: Triqueta!

    We’re happy to introduce you to our newest game: Triqueta! The set collection game by designers Ralf zur Linde and Stefan Dorra will be available soon and we can’t wait for you to try it out! Triqueta is a set collection game for 2-5 players. Over four engaging rounds, players will draft animal tokens trying […]

    Announcing: Caldera Park!

    We’re happy to announce our first SPIEL’22 Release! Welcome to the North American wilderness – Welcome to Caldera Park! This follow-up to Savannah Park takes things to the next level but is still as suitable for families as it is for advanced gaming groups! You run a national park and you want to unite its […]

    Announcing: Skymines

    We’re happy to announce our newest game – Skymines! Award-winning designer Alexander Pfister has partnered with Viktor Kobilke to create a new strategic challenge for gamers.  50 years ago, humanity began mining the Moon and the asteroids, and for decades that task was firmly kept in the hands of the World Government. But the turmoils […]

    Juicy Fruits wins quality seal of intergenerational games

    We are happy excited about this award presented by Spielecafé der Generationen – Jung und Alt spielt e.V. ( The award committee honors game designer Christian Stöhr for creating a refreshing board game which offers cross-generational entertainment. The online event took place under the patronage of Carolina Trautner, the Bavarian State Minister for family, labour […]

    BGG contest for Corrosion and Savannah Park

    Contest time! We prepare to welcome you at SPIEL (hall 1 E-114) with our hotness to celebrate board games with you. A wonderful occasion for an exciting giveaway surprise for your gaming tables! Take your chance to win our brand new animal tile laying beauty Savannah Park and upcoming old-time machine factory engine-builder Corrosion. Head […]

    Powerful machines in an old-time factory

    In the midst of rattling engines you step into your boots, take a wrench and dive into steam-filled air to run your own successful machine business in Corrosion. Your mission is to manage your factory most efficiently by building up diversified production engines. Deploy your engineers wisely and find a clever balance to score your […]

    Deep Print Games at Berlin Brettspiel Con

    Time to meet friends! We are very pleased to welcome you as an exhibitor at this charming board game convention. Feel invited to meet us and the community live at our booth 7-B-9. Surprise – we have a cool game designer and newest games on board! Berlin Brettspiel Con is organized by the friendly team […]